“I hope you have a boy.”

When Ben and I announced our third pregnancy, we were met with the usual host of congratulatory responses. And one particular sentiment I’ve heard over…and over…and over again, “I hope you have a boy.”  Family, friends, random strangers... read more

Bearing the (Shame of the) Mental Load

This idea that mothers bear the ‘mental load’ of the home has been floating around the Interwebs lately. (See here.) Basically, the thought is that even if the father in a household contributes a fair share of house maintenance, the mother is the one with... read more

I’ve Been Hard At Work…

I’m long overdue a post! My last writings came from a harder place of life, and first I want to give you an update as to how I’m doing. Through a winding process of medical detective work (which we’re still on!) I discovered that I have a vitamin... read more
Hello from Victoria
Oh, friend! Thank you for spending a few moments with my words. I largely write about marriage, motherhood, and the Christian life. My hope is that this blog is both gut-honest and, at the same time, nurturing to your soul. Let's get to know each other.
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